Of Fire & Foliage, Alliance Française, New Delhi, October 2015

This Exhibition of design pieces and installations was inspired by meaning and metaphors drawn from elements of nature and an expression of the artist’s passion for recycling. The pieces demonstrate a cohesive connection between renewing discarded material and the effect mindless consumerism continues to have on our planet. It was important to convey a creative vision but with a responsible social conscience.

Salvaged Shadows, India International Centre, New Delhi January 2015

The concept behind this show was to save, recover and rescue material that had been discarded, giving them new meaning. This exhibition sought to highlight the different materials that can be used to make each piece, showcasing the versatility of different media. It encourages viewers to ponder upon the historical dimension of everyday objects – to see the “shadows of their former lives” – and to question our consumerism-driven society.

Tactile and Intangible Melodies, Alliance Française, New Delhi, August 2014

In this exhibition, the artist built on his experience from an earlier exhibition and further explored universal questions about technology, the passage of time, individual memories, and cultural histories. The use of discarded mechanical and automotive parts – elements that drive forward motion – explored the interplay of obsolescence and forward progress.

Recycled Metal Design Objects, Alliance Française, New Delhi, August 2013

Growing up in a world where objects become obsolete very quickly, where consumerism drives us to cast away items within a short period of time, the design pieces make people think about how we need to preserve what we create and appreciate the historical dimension of the objects we see.

The Wagah Border, Alliance Française, New Delhi, May 2012

Every day, a flag lowering ceremony takes place just before sunset at the Wagah Border between India and Pakistan. The ceremony at the Wagah Gate lets the present in from a painful past that is common to the hostile nations on either side of this border. The photographs capture the army parade marching in perfect synchronization on both sides of the border and the energy of the people caught in the throes of patriotism. The photographs were digitally enhanced for the exhibition to make a more powerful visual statement.

Sights of Delhi & Its Local Residents, Exhibition of Digitally Enhanced Photographs, Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, October 2011

This first solo exhibition focused on Delhi, a city in which the artist has lived all his life. The photographs portrayed the citizens at work, locales of contemporary Delhi and the bustle of the average day.