Beauty Renewed: Recycled Art & Artist in India, 2015

This book highlights the works of fourteen environmentally-conscious artists, some of whom are well established and some only beginning their careers. The aim of this publication is to promote and foster a strong commitment to environmental preservation by forging connections between artists, art lovers, and environmentally-conscious citizens. This is the first book in India, solely dedicated to recycled art and design.

Tactile and Intangible Melodies, 2014

This catalogue was published and distributed for the exhibition titled Tactile and Intangible Melodies. The exhibition builds on earlier works of the artist and further explores universal questions about technology, the passage of time, individual memories, and cultural histories. The use of discarded mechanical and automotive parts – elements that drive forward motion – explores the interplay of obsolescence and forward progress.

Recycled Metal Design Objects, 2013

In a world where objects become obsolete very quickly, where consumerism drives us to cast away items within a short period of time, this catalogue showcases the exhibition Recycled Metal Design Objects. These works make people think about how we need to preserve what we create and appreciate the historical dimension of the objects we see.

Beauty of Life, 2012

This book was published to raise awareness about the inspirational work that The Delhi Society For The Welfare Of Special Children (DSWSC) does to help underprivileged children and adults, like the vocational training centre for people with special needs. This collection of digitally-enhanced photographs of the centre's facilities, activities, personnel and students showcases the organization’s activities and promotes its mission.