Robin Passi

Kedarnath Valley Project, June 2014

This project was initiated in 2014, one year after the Uttarakhand Flood disaster. Photographs of pilgrims of document their perseverance and solidarity, and raise awareness about the economic, social, and ecological issues facing the Valley. The website displays these photographs and showcases the lives of these pilgrims to raise public awareness of unsustainable development in the Himalayas.

Portraits - The Delhi Society For The Welfare Of Special Children, New Delhi, October 2013

This was a community project in which 150 differently-abled students at DSWSC were photographed and a portfolio was created and gifted to each student. The photographs were digitally enhanced to include exciting, bright colours and bringing alive the images of the students.

The Wagah Border, The Alliance Fran├žaise, May 2012

Every day, a flag lowering ceremony takes place just before sunset at the Wagah Border between India and Pakistan. The ceremony at the Wagah Gate lets the present in from a painful past that is common to the hostile nations on either side of this border. The photographs capture the army parade marching in perfect synchronization on both sides of the border and the energy of the people caught in the throes of patriotism. The photographs were digitally enhanced for the exhibition to make a more powerful visual statement.

Sights of Delhi & Its Local Residents, Exhibition of Digitally Enhanced Photographs, Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi, October 2011

This first solo exhibition focused on Delhi, a city in which the artist has lived all his life. The photographs portrayed the citizens at work, locales of contemporary Delhi and the bustle of the average day.